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Integrated Security Solutions

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Why More Security

Guard and Security Services by experienced professionals in the field.

  • Signal Receiving Centre
  • Guarding Services
  • Transportation & VIP Services
  • 24h Customer Service

    With the More Security feel safe 24 hours a day as it operates Service Center responding anytime of the day.

    Alarm Systems – CCTV


    Having ensured strategic alliances with leading companies in the field, “More Security” is in a position to provide its customers with the alternatives of technologically advanced supervisory equipment – guarding and security products (such as alarm systems, surveillance and recording systems, peripheral systems, etc) as well as registering signal reception centre for the 24-hour monitoring of said systems.


    In the frame of its activities, “more security” cooperates in the alarm field with approved and advanced Signal Reception and Processing Digital Centre. Through such strategic association, ‘‘more security” customers are offered the option of being connected with said electronic centre regardless of whether or not they are equipped with alarm system.

    The antitheft systems consist of a radio transmitting security regulator, which does not require electric installation and works on the walls.

    The company can install, without limitations whatsoever, a large number of radars in its customers’ premises, either volumetric or peripherals.


    All security systems are approved and manufactured with electronic components of advanced technology, offered with 24-month guarantee (ce, ispt) in order to ensure complete coverage of customers’ premises. combined with the experience of our qualified technicians who perform the initial inspection of customers’ premises, these systems are summarized in the design provided, which covers fully and reliably the security of the area.

    This connection is made by digital encoder on 24-hour basis, which transmits the signal within 20 seconds to the company centre.

    Depending on the type of the signal received, the operator of the centre notifies immediately:

    • the Hellenic Police (100)
    • the Fire Service – 199
    • The National Instant Aid Centre (EKAB – 166)