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Our Philosophy

Integrated Security Solutions

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Why More Security

Guard and Security Services by experienced professionals in the field.

  • Signal Receiving Centre
  • Guarding Services
  • Transportation & VIP Services
  • 24h Customer Service

    With the More Security feel safe 24 hours a day as it operates Service Center responding anytime of the day.

    Philosophy and Vision

    The vision of “More Security” is to be one of the most reliable and awarded guarding and security companies, which shall provide the carrier through which its customers shall obtain better quality of life.

    In addition, More Security has the ambition to become and be regarded as one of the principal strategic associates of its customers, who shall effectively contribute to their higher security level.


    More Security” mission is to become a guarding and security company that shall render:

    • Human surveillance (guarding) that would create the conditions for preventing danger and immediately informing of any oncoming threat.
    • Assistance in finding appropriate supervisory equipment offered by modern, advanced technology to that effect.


    As one may see, the mission of More Security is to annul the “possibility or opportunity” factor. Εliminating the possibility of becoming victims of a threat against us, we eliminate one side of the danger triangle and limit the feasibility or option of conditions that might allow a threat to be organized against us to develop. Βesides, we should better consider the fact that most burglars are circumstantial (“cat burglars”).


    Ιn any event, prevention is better than remedy.

    Τherefore, we should secure our residential or business areas before we become victims.

    More Security believes that the major effectiveness factors of a security company are:

    • The quality of human resources.
      In particular
    1. Experience
    2. Professionalism
    3. Training
    4. Behavior
    • Strategic alliances with leading and quality companies in the field.
    • Service rendering system
    • Technology and equipment utilized